First in individualized medicine


Individualized pharmaco

We determine, in silico, the right dose of the right drug for the right person.*

Translating science into a healthy life for you*

biofuel from algae

We model and simulate lipid pathways in algae for improved biofuel production.

cancer Studies

We use individualized pharmacogenomic biosimulations to improve therapeutics.*

Agricultural research

We simulate plant metabolic and growth pathways to help design better strains.

* For Research Use Only. Not yet reviewed by FDA.

Simulate Yourself™

If this is your transcriptome, then this simulation is you!*

Alzheimer's disease

New treatments by combining genomics, transcriptomics,and biosimulation.*

diabetes mellitus

We perform in silico glucose tolerance tests & generate metabolic profiles of individuals.*

modeling microbiology

We have simulated the Vibrio cholerae infection of mouse intestine & immune cell responses.*