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Our unique in silico services allow drug target discovery and testing.

OUR expert team is at your service. 

Our professional staff includes a Biomedical Engineer, Cell and Molecular Biologist, and Anatomist-Physiologist-Pharmacologist.

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Our biosimulations approach can be applied to diagnostics, therapeutics, and prognostics. *Research use only. Not yet reviewed by FDA. 

Elizabeth Tompkins

Senior System Engineer


  • Theranostic Biosimulations*
  • Individualized Pharmacogen
  • Predictive Biosimulations
  • Biomarker discovery & testing
  • Drug target discovery & devel
  • Biological research improved

Once we have a model of your study system, the iterative process of in silico to in vivo or in vitro to in silico optimizes design.


First in individualized medicine



“Very impressive... Pleased with your progress and the capabilities of your product.”

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We can provide a full metabolic profile for individuals using only a transcriptomic test followed by in silico biosimulation.

*Research use only. Not yet reviewed by FDA.